Tax consulting services


When opening a business, we often grapple with the question “how to start?”.

This question is accompanying us during the whole cycle of running a company and when implementing new solutions: a new employee, a new department, a new structure of management.

We believe that this is a fundamental question for every entrepreneur. This seemingly biased question appears to be crucial in the case of accounting and taxes – starting with the selection of the form of tax settlement, through an appropriate bookkeeping polic, and ending with the choice of periods of settlements with the Tax Office. The complexity of this problem for accounting lies in the letter of the law, which says that the books must be kept in a continuous manner, and thus the decisions taken at the beginning must be continued throughout the financial year.

As it results from the above, the most important are the beginnings – the decisions made then will affect the entire development of the company. We encounter similar situations throughout the entire life, e.g. the choice of the school affects our future job opportunities and qualifications, the selection of a profession adequate to our predispositions determines whether we will be able to compete with others in a given field, etc.

Apart from a broad range of services, TAX BONUS accounting firm provides also tax consulting services –both in the scope of taxes and other related areas (human resources, payrolls, etc.).

We provide services to many companies, thanks to which we gain valuable experience that we want to share with our clients, knowing that their development is also our development.

Range of services

  • Tax consulting,
  • HR consulting,
  • Consulting in the scope of the tax law and labour law,
  • Preparation of loan applications,
  • Assistance in obtaining subsidies from the Labour Office,
  • Settlement of subsidies with the Labour Office

What do you gain?

  • Individual approach tailored to needs of your company,
  • Reliability and punctuality when carrying out our tasks,
  • Full tax support for your company,
  • Representation before the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and the Tax Office,
  • Time savings and tax security.