Welcome at the website of TAX-BONUS accounting firm


TAX-BONUS accounting firm has been operating in the market of accounting services for many years.

Since the very beginning, we have continuously been guided by the motto “EXPERIENCE AND TRUST” that reflects most accurately our approach to the service entrusted to us. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive accounting and HR service in Polish and English based on proven international standards.

We offer a wide range of services in the scope of the accountancy as well as in the scope of the accounting and HR administration, which allows us to adapt our services to the needs of various types of economic entities – from one-man businesses to production companies (also those with a share of foreign capital).

Our company’s capital is highly qualified staff consisting of accountants, HR officers and IT specialists, as well as a continuous search for new solutions to improve the customer satisfaction.

Thanks to our professionalism and individual approach to problems of the clients, we have gained the trust of domestic and foreign companies that are leaders in our market.

We have a license from the Ministry of Finance for keeping accounting books. We have also a third party liability insurance.

We believe that by entrusting your books to us, you will be able to devote your valuable time entirely to your business and personal life.

Our values

Since the moment of establishing the TAX-BONUS accounting firm, we have been guided by a number of values which despite the passage of time and the changing regulations are constant and invariable for us.


The success is not to gain trust, but not to lose it


Our capital is our qualified staff


We protect our client against everything but rain…


We invest in technology and new solutions