Keeping revenue and expense ledgers for companies

mała księgowość

The revenues and expense ledger (PKPiR), also known as a small accounting system, is a form of accounting settlement primarily for small businesses the just start their operations.

Despite the simplified bookkeeping form, the same acts of law should be observed as in the case of the full accounting system. Hence the sanctions and penalties for unreliability of the accounting records are the same for both the persons settling based on the revenues and expense ledger and for companies using the accounting system.

The complex provisions of tax laws and regulations often cause that experienced accountants must devote their time to analysing them instead of submitting a single inquiry to the Tax Office in order to obtain the correct interpretation.

In order to avoid complications, a good solution is to outsource the accounting activities to our firm at the beginning. Our team of specialists will keep your books in a professional manner, which will allow you to devote your whole time to the business and personal life.

Range of services

  • Keeping and clearing revenue and expense ledgers,
  • Keeping sales records,
  • Professional settlements for companies,
  • Keeping employee documentation,
  • Preparation of VAT/VAT-EU returns and registers,
  • VAT clearance,
  • Preparation of tax returns.

What do you gain?

  • Individual approach tailored to needs of your company,
  • Reliability and punctuality when carrying out our tasks,
  • Full tax support for your company,
  • Representation before the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and the Tax Office,
  • Time savings and tax security.